Club history

Established in 1927, the Spotswood Football Club has a rich and colourful history filled with successes on and and off the field and many stories of club legends and heroes.
We honour our history, we honour our legends and heroes and we honour the history that is still yet to come.

Est 1927

The history of the Spotswood Netball Football Club began in 1927 when a team was entered in the Sub District League. After a couple of near misses, our first flag was won in 1933. This was the start of things to come. This team was coached by Parkin Krygger. Joining the Footscray District League in 1935, the club had a “hat trick” of “runners up” before being successful in 1938 coached by Ron Richards.During the war years and immediately after, flags were won in 1944 coached by W. Williams and 1948 undefeated premiers coached by W. “Bill” Couch. These premierships were in “B” division as our club, like many others, found players hard to come by owing to war duties etc. 1942 saw Lyle “Spike” Tandy become Treasurer, a position that he held for 40 years. 1949 saw us back in “A” division and Brian Brown tied for the FDL Best and Fairest.


Several lean years followed until 1958, when Lou Barker coached and set the tone for many successful years ahead. Len Rowley became Secretary, a position he held for 20 years. During the sixties, Alan McAsey came to the club and after winning the FDL Best and Fairest in 1967, coached the 1968 team to win the flag. (This side had 19 of the premiership players come through the junior teams.) 1971 saw another flag coached by Terry McGarrity followed by another flag in 1972 coached by Ken Barnes. The next three years, the club missed playing in the finals. In 1976 Alan McAsey and Len “Spud” Murphy decided to start up a supporters group and start to pay the players. Over the next 20 odd years, the club was very successful. Ron Fenton coached the 1977 side to a flag. During the era, W. “Bill” Couch was president and had the satisfaction of a job WELL DONE.

1984 was Geoff Bebend’s year, followed in 1987 with Brian Harvey in charge. 1990 saw Ken Barnes return to the club and win another flag and Shane Keogh was successful in 1993 and again in 1995.After 12 years, Luke Theodore coached our 2007 Premiership and Ben Kelly followed up the following  2 years. Chris O’Keefe led the team to Premiership Victory in 2011. While all this was going on, we had FDL/WRFL Best & Fairest winners in Peter Mindenhall (1985), Paul Eudey (1987), Grant Brown (1989), Drew Pevitt (1992), Mark Kriehn (1993) Aaron Thege (1999) and Dean Galea (2004).

Since 1990 the club has been particularly successful managing to play off in 16 A Grade Grand Finals , winning 8 and only missing the finals once in that period of time

The Club has had 161 players advance to play AFL, VFL or VFA.

Bill Deller and Dennis Rich both umpired in the AFL.

Eleven players played interstate football including Charlie Sutton, Fred Goldsmith, Bill Williams, John Heriot and Reg Harley. Additions to this list is Bachur Houli to Essendon in 2007 and Callan Ward to Western Bulldogs in 2008. Of late, Spencer White to St Kilda in 2013 and Connor Menadue to Richmond in 2015. Michael Fogarty played in Footscray’s new VFL Premiership team in 2014 and Jack Charleston is a regular senior Player with Williamstown since 2013.

Brownlow Medal winner: Fred Goldsmith

Liston Trophy winners: John Martin, Don McKenzie, Brett McTaggart and Anthony Eames.

Stawell Gift winner: Bill Williams

Australian Test Cricketer: Ray Bright

Added to this were many premierships (60) by Junior teams and Senior “Reserves”. FDFL/WRFL Best & Fairest winners in all grades totalling 50 to give the club a very successful past 80+ years.

A lot of credit to all players, committee people, trainers and other workers around the club, last but not least, our hard working Ladies Committee. To sum up 80+ years YOUNG. Sixty-five years of football finals, a wealth of good fellowship – on and off the field. Be proud to think and say – I’ve played a part in the SPOTSWOOD FOOTBALL NETBALL  CLUB.

Lets now all look forward to the following years ahead.

Spotswood FNC

The Spotswood Football Netball Club community gathered at the Williamston Town Hall on Saturday 14th March 2020 to celebrate our Club’s inaugural Hall of Fame event. In absolute style, we acknowledged those who have earned the honour of being amongst the first 45 “Hall of Fame Members” with 7 of these being elevated to “Club Legend” status.

It was a truly special evening that united Spotswood people from past, present and bygone era in an act of acknowledgement of services, dedication and achievements that has steered and developed our current day club to be the successful and strong club we all know and love.
Hall of Fame

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