Hall of Fame

The Spotswood Football Netball Club community gathered at the Williamston Town Hall on Saturday 14th March 2020 to celebrate our Club’s inaugural Hall of Fame event. In absolute style, we acknowledged those who have earned the honour of being amongst the first 45 “Hall of Fame Members” with 7 of these being elevated to “Club Legend” status.

It was a truly special evening that united Spotswood people from past, present and bygone era in an act of acknowledgement of services, dedication and achievements that has steered and developed our current day club to be the successful and strong club we all know and love.


James Burke

Michael Cahill

Norm Chisholm

William William

Neil McPherson

Don Schmidt

Ian McDonald

John Knight

Evan Rowe

Joan Murphy

Andrew Gibson

Peter Mildenhall

Tony Walshe

Annette McLaren

William Scott

Mary Crouch

Nancy Tandy

Lesley Johnson

Edward Thomas

Jim Cairns

Malcolm McDonald

Don Chapman

Gary Hughes

Alan McAsey

Patrick Hinds

Geoff Bebend

Ben Kelly

Chris O’Keefe

Chris Murphy

Park Krygger

Don Dilks

Ron Richards

Keith Orr

Ken Howarth

Edward Short

Lou Barker

John Petherick

Graham Mayberry

Gavin Langlands

Les Meyers

Murray Cooper

Shirly Lynch

Henry Lynch

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